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Recipes - Organic Tahini Coco Bites

By Prairie Naturals

Organic Tahini Coco Bites

Step into a realm of pure bliss with our Organic Tahini Coco Bites! These little bundles of joy are a harmonious fusion of sesame tahini and luscious coconut, mixed with our Wheatgrass powder and Cocoa Immune powder, creating a heavenly treat that will transport your taste buds to paradise.



1/4 Cup Prairie Naturals Organic Cocoa Immune Powder

1/2 Cup Prairie Naturals Organic & Fermented Wheat Grass Powder

1/2 Cup Organic Sesame Tahini

1 TBS Organic Coconut Oil

1/2 Cup Naturally Crystallized or Creamed Honey

1 TSP Pure Vanilla Extract

Shredded Coconut


1) Mix together in a large bowl the Wheatgrass and Cocoa Immune.

2) Add to bowl the sesame tahini, coconut oil, honey and vanilla extract.

3) Mix together with a large spoon until too hard to mix.

4) Knead with clean, dry hands until the mixture becomes smooth and less sticky.

5) Pinch off pieces half the size of a golf ball and roll until evenly round between the palms of your hands.

6) Rolls each fudge ball in finely shredded coconut until well-coated.

7) Refrigerate for 30 mins and enjoy!