Improve Heart Health

Take Control of Cholesterol with Sytrinol TM February is officially heart month in Canada! It’s the perfect time to learn about cholesterol and how it affects the health of our cardiovascular system. What is the Cardiovascular System? Our cardiovascular system, also known as..

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Having Digestive Problems?

Having Digestive Problems? “Enzymes Help” says Pharmacist RoseMarie Pierce, B.Sc.Pharm In my work as a Holistic Pharmacist, I am often asked questions such as the following: ”How is it possible that I am sick – again? I eat well. I exercise. I drink..

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Gluten Digest-Zyme Summary

Gluten Digest-Zyme Summary Kiwi Extract: Constipation Relief & Bowel Health Based on the results of two clinical trials (with a high level of evidence based on their design), the following health claims for kiwifruit extract are supported (equivalent to Actazin found..

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