New Owner Of Prairie Naturals Committed To Helping Canadians On Their Journey Towards Good Health

You will be challenged to find anyone in the Canadian natural health industry who has a more compelling life story than Jewel Tran - the new owner of Prairie Naturals

Jewel Tran

Owner & CEO

About Jewel Tran

Jewel—the new owner of Prairie Naturals—was orphaned at 18 months old. Raised by her grandparents under trying conditions, she survived war, poverty, starvation, and violence. Those early life experiences are what fuelled and shaped Jewel. Her personal strength and determination were honed by the will to survive under unimaginable conditions. With keen entrepreneurial skills and a passion for nutritional health, she devoted her time training retailers about nutritional supplements in her home country of Vietnam. She brings that same drive to Canada, making her the perfect person to lead one of our industry’s longest-serving vitamin and supplement companies into the future.

Jewel has incredible stories of her tenacity, along with a resolute belief in her own passion and worth that will bring tears to your eyes. She has conquered the many difficulties facing today’s female entrepreneurs despite earlier life challenges. If ever you have the chance for a cup of tea and visit with Jewel, take it: you will be in awe. A single mother of four, Jewel emigrated to Canada in search of a better life for her family, and with a goal of making a positive difference in the lives of people. With the opportunity to purchase Prairie Naturals, she saw her chance to make that impact.


Jewel and Prairie Naturals


Jewel's daily presence brings support and a clear vision. She recognized she had an experienced team in place, including RoseMarie Pierce, who has seamlessly continued to lead education and product development. Jewel is blessed with two strong leaders in Jennifer Walker, Prairie’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing and company President and CFO Dennis Fong.

"I have the vision, and the team that tells me how to make it happen,” says Jewel. “I trust my team 100 percent. I never doubt them and the strategy they employ. I listen to their plans and when needed, will offer my opinion."

Jewel's trust & commitment

"I trust my team 100 percent."

Looking ahead

Known for the exceptional quality of their products, Prairie works with GMP Certified Manufacturers that provide access to faster product development, more NPNs, advanced quality control, and stringent testing led by multiple PhD scientists. “Our retailers and customers can be assured of high-quality products at competitive prices.”

Prairie Naturals was always viewed as a family company, so naturally, two of Jewel’s children work at Prairie, and they quickly established themselves as hardworking, valuable team members.

Although her life began halfway around the world, Jewel’s roots are now firmly planted in Canadian soil. She is committed to taking her company to the next level. “Prairie Naturals has an outstanding foundation, and we plan on growing our business on top of that foundation. I admire what the previous owner has established and I am truly grateful every day for what he has created. I am thankful for the opportunities Canada has presented to me and my children since we arrived. All of us here are committed to helping Canadians on their journey toward good health, and we are honoured to be on this journey with them.”

Credit: Bruce Cole. Canadian Natural Health Retailer (CNHR), Trade Talk. "Meet Jewel Tran, The new owner of Prairie Naturals", March-April 2023, pp. 14-15.

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