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Recipes - Superfood Sangria

By Prairie Naturals

Superfood Sangria

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a refreshing glass of sangria! With Organic Red SuperFoods Powder, you can create a delicious and nutritious version of this classic summer beverage. Not only does it add flavour, but it also adds an abundance of beneficial nutrients to your sangria. Enjoy the taste of summer with Organic Red SuperFoods Powder Sangria!



1 Scoop Prairie Naturals Organic Red SuperFoods Powder

1 Scoop Prairie Naturals Morning Rise & Shine Powder

Chopped Fruit

400 ml Water

100 ml Sparkling Water




1) Mix juices, sparkling water or ginger ale, Morning Rise & Shine, Red SuperFoods and maple syrup in a large pitcher.

2) Add chopped fruit and stir.

3) Allow to marinate, chilled, for at least 30 minutes.

4) Makes 3-4 full glasses.