Celebrating International Women’s Day!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we caught up with RoseMarie, Prairie Naturals spokesperson, educator and product formulator. Read how she lives the healthy life and how she inspires us.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, RoseMarie earned her pharmacy degree from Dalhousie University in 1972. She had a varied and interesting 4 years as a pharmacy student. She was the pharmacy student representative on a medical student board review of illicit drugs.  RoseMarie participated in a government-funded student project to establish a store-front clinic and pharmacy in the disadvantaged area of Halifax. Following the completion of this project, she was invited by the College of Pharmacy to undertake a research course on “store-front clinics and the role of the pharmacist”. Through this project, RoseMarie discovered she loved working with people (she was nicknamed ‘the sympathetic pharmacist’). She excelled in compound pharmacy and was invited to serve as an instructor for 3rd year pharmacy students in their compounding course.

RoseMarie began her interest in natural medicine during her university studies in pharmacy at Dalhousie University when, for 3 years, she attended courses in pharmacognosy taught by Dr Frank Chandler PhD.  Pharmacognosy is the study of medicines from natural sources (i.e., plants, herbs, microbes). Her enthusiasm for phyto-pharmacy, nutrition, and the use of vitamins and minerals to support the healing of the human body defined her early pharmacy career.

During the rest of her years as a pharmacist in Halifax, RoseMarie was sought out for her support of natural medicine. In 1973, she acted as the go-between for US orthomolecular doctors and their Nova Scotia pediatric patients, dispensing high-dose vitamins that normally could not be obtained without special authorization. RoseMarie gave her first bonified lecture at Dalhousie University, accompanying the well-known visiting Orthomolecular Psychiatrist, Dr Alan Cott, MD. She successful integrated her pharmaceutical education with extensive studies in a wide array of holistic healing practices and became one of Canada’s very first Holistic Pharmacists.

After moving to Calgary in 1977, RoseMarie worked as a licensed pharmacist in health-integrated pharmacies while pursuing a Master’s in Herbology at Wild Rose College of Natural Healing. Once her children were born in the ’80s, healthy family care became a heartfelt and full-time focus for many years.  This led to further studies in the fields of herbology, homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, bio-kinesiology as well as Anthroposophical medicine.

RoseMarie is the mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Amanda-Lee, and Melissa-Ann, who attended the Calgary Waldorf School for 9 and 11 years respectively.  She served as a volunteer Christmas Faire organizer for 19 years, was on staff for 5 years as a handwork teacher and became as a founding director and second president of this successful Waldorf school.

RoseMarie has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1987 and, in the early years, organized a variety of events, workshops, and special visits from Anthroposophical experts, especially in the field of medicine and art therapy. This helped to support and develop the life of the school during those the early years.

In 1997, she opened a health food store “SunStreams Natural Living”, eventually adding a café, an organic produce home delivery service and SunStreams Natural Therapies. Both as a licensed pharmacist and health food store owner in Calgary, RoseMarie was involved in making the following available to the Calgary community for almost 20 years: Anthroposophical medicines and books, Weleda remedies, and Waldorf toys, handwork, and art supplies.

In the early 1990s, RoseMarie’s interest in heart-based work became a passion, supporting groups and individuals who were seeking to take personal responsibility for their own healing and growth. For the last 30 years (and now with her husband David), she has been facilitating Heart-to-Heart Communication Workshops, group dynamics and personal growth workshops throughout Canada, US, and parts of Europe. These events are based on the principles identified by Dr. M. Scott Peck in his books, The Road Less Traveled and The Different Drum and her own techniques and principles.

RoseMarie continues to contribute to the natural health industry as a highly respected lecturer, writer, and media personality. She is an instructor for Pacific Rim College Online, offering a 10-hour course on “Drugs: nutrient depletion and interactions with herbs, food and supplements” and also a visiting professor teaching elective course for Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC. In addition, she serves in a senior capacity with Prairie Naturals Health Products as a company spokesperson, educator, and product formulator, providing training seminars and lectures Canada-wide.

Using her pharmaceutical and nutritional expertise, RoseMarie has researched and formulated her own line of nutritional supplements within the Prairie Natural line of healthcare products. Her foremost product, Morning Rise & Shine™, is an organic lemon and aloe “tonic” drink powder with alkalizing minerals that helps to balance internal pH. Her other areas of interest and formulation are digestive enzymes, condition-specific formulas, and healthy aging supplements.

RoseMarie’s natural ability to present technical information in an easy-to-understand format brings a special kind of energy and enthusiasm to all the courses she teaches.  RoseMarie acts as a catalyst for individuals who wish to improve their health, experience vitality, and realize their potential.

RoseMarie is the owner of Pharmacy-Alternatives Corp. She currently resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Gibsons, BC with her husband, David. She is an avid gardener, fibre artist and lover of all things natural.

Visit her website here to read more about her health & nutrition research and articles.

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Products formulated by RoseMarie:

Prairie Naturals Morning Rise and Shine
Prairie Naturals Citrus Soother