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Recipes - Organic Red Superfoods Popsicles

By Prairie Naturals

Organic Red Superfoods Popsicles

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a delicious and healthy snack. Homemade Organic Red Superfoods popsicles are an easy way to do just that! Made with Organic Red Superfoods powder, these popsicles provide a nutritious snack that you can enjoy any time of day. With the added benefits of antioxidants and vitamins, these treats are sure to keep you feeling energized and refreshed all summer long.




1 TSP Prairie Naturals Organic Red Superfoods Powder

1 Tin of Coconut Milk

1 TPS of Vanilla Extract

1 TPS of Agava Nectar

1 Cup of Frozen Berries



1) Combine and blend together the coconut milk, vanilla extract and agava nectar.

2) Poor half of the mixture into a measuring cup and put aside.

3) Add the frozen berries and the Organic Red Superfood powder and blende.

4) Fill popsicle molds to 2/3 with the berries mixture and freeze for 30 min.

5) Take out from freezer and add the remaining of the mixture put aside earlier to fill the popsicle molds to the brim.

6) Freeze for 2 hours and enjoy!