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Recipes - Moringa Ice Cream

By Prairie Naturals

Moringa Ice Cream

Moringa Ice Cream is a delicious and unique way to enjoy the summer. Made with Organic Moringa powder, this homemade ice cream is the perfect treat for those hot summer days. With its creamy texture and subtle peppermint flavor, Moringa Ice Cream is sure to be a hit with everyone! Enjoy it as a snack or an after-dinner dessert – either way, you’ll be sure to love it!




1 Can of Coconut Cream

1/3 Cup of Cacao Nibs

1 TSP of Peppermint Extract

1 TBS of Agave Nectar

3 Heaped TSP of Prairie Naturals Organic Moringa Powder



1) Combine together well and freeze.

2) Whisk briefly every 30 mins, then return to the freezer.

3) Repeat 4-5 times or until desired consistency.