We believe that we have the power to decide to live in a way that embraces our health and wellness. We believe that living a truly healthy life includes living a more earth-friendly, ecologically sound life. We believe it is our responsibility to support and enhance the well-being of others; not only our immediate friends and family, but people all around the world.
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  • Purchased for my husband who was beginning to experience more bathroom visits at night, and a little difficulty with starting and stopping urinating. After a month of continous usage we both definitely noticed a difference. He was getting up maybe once (which was great for me) and also he said the difficulty with stream control was much better. S‌ince starting he makes sure he does not run out, and that I put his order in.
    Emma A.
  • I've been using ReCleanse for years, twice a year, and follow their meal plan each time and drink A LOT OF WATER, over 2 laters per day. The meal they recommend helps eliminate the toxins out of the system as well. Already on the 3d day you feel like your energy levels are elevated, mood improved, you feel lighter, happier, just love it! And the price is very affordable as well!
    Irina I.
  • I never thought this Stress-Force would actually work on me! The first day I took one after couple hours later, I had a cup of tea and I was extremely relaxed. I couldn't believe the results. I have horrible anxiety and stress this just takes all of it away. I will use this as much as I could. Thanks to Prairie Naturals!
    Ryan S.
  • I've been incorporating these Organic Moringa Leaf pills with my supplement regimen for the past 5 months and I can already notice the difference in my overall health, cognitive function and energy levels. I started taking them just before "cold/flu" season and while my entire family was sick in seasonal cold, I was the only one among 10+ sick adults/kids who stayed healthy. I swear by these wonderful moringa leaf pills.
  • I have been using Prost Force for almost 15 years due to problems with an enlarged prostate. It solved all of my agonizing symptoms without the side effects of chemical prescription medications. Prairie Naturals make great products.
    Robert B.
  • Very pure and natural healthy product at a fair price. I make myself a warm drink an hour before I go to bed. 1 cup almond milk, 3/4 tsp of turmeric, 1/4 tsp of black pepper, honey to taste. I bring it to just before boil. I sleep through the night, no more getting up at 2am. Bought two of them in this order.
  • I have long hair and I am very active in swimming pools which dries out my hair. My local health food store recommended Prairie Naturals Evergreen to help smooth out my hair and I have never looked back. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling soft and so shiny. Give it a try!
    T. Savouy
  • Thank you for packaging that stands out as masculine. Thank you for providing health and wellness to men as they age, and now have a solid place to go for help and guidance, in a setting that prompts men to treat themselves well and to understand and care about their bodies. Human machines rock and so do Prairie Naturals!
    Bonnie W.
  • Very good product, no more hair loss and my hair is thick and shinier than ever. I've been using both of the shampoo and conditioner for over 2 months. I love the fact that there are no harmful ingredients and safe to our planet! Highly recommended.
    Katrina J.