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Prairie Naturals

Prairie Naturals shared a link.

The Link Between Nutrition & Mental Health (TEDx Talks)


We are what we absorb. A key message in this must-watch Ted Talk from Julia J Pucklidge, PhD. This is one clinical psychologist who wants to make a difference by showing us how significant the link between nutrition and mental health is!

Aug 1st 12:32pm • No Comments

Stop by Dad's Organic Market in Saskatoon and #entertowin with the purchase of select Prairie Naturals products #freshsummerliving #BBQ

Aug 1st 8:59am • No Comments


5 Foods That Are Healthier Cooked


Cooking some vegetables actually breaks down their tough cellular structure and makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients. Of course, by...

Jul 31st 1:59pm • No Comments

Happy Birthday to our teammate Jennifer - we hope you enjoy your special day!

Jul 31st 9:54am • No Comments

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