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Prairie Naturals

We all need to kick back some days! :)

6abc Action News

Sea lions kick back in lawn chairs on Galapagos Islands: http://6abc.cm/1Wu1mB3

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Creating Beautiful Hair...Naturally #prairienaturals

Creating Beautiful Hair…Naturally | The Organic Grocer


Creating Beautiful Hair…Naturally by Organic Grocer Staff | Apr 19, 2016 | Age Defying, Aromatherapy, Balding, Canada, Cancer Prevention, Cancer-causing, cancer-fighting, Environmentally Friendly, Essential Oils, Hair Loss, Natural, Thinning Hair, Women's Health | 0 comments Not all chemicals are “u…

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Shout out to all our friends in Langley - you don't want to miss this free public talk - Cutting Edge Cognitive Wellness with Dr. Jonathan Beatty & Prairie Naturals at Nature's Fare in Langley - visit www.naturesfare.com to sign up!

Don't forget to check our events page for events near you :)

Wellness Talk: Cutting Edge Cognitive Wellness

Wellness Talk: Cutting Edge Cognitive Wellness

Join Dr. Jonathan Beatty from @[145760142062:274:Prairie Naturals] as he explains how cognitive wellness is essential in all stages of life. A clear, sharp, vibrant mind contributes to a healthy active body. Nootropics represent an emerging market in the health and wellness industry driven by demographic changes. Our baby boomer population is aging, and starting to experience deficits in mental function resulting from age-related cognitive decline. Nootropics help to:

• Improve memory & learning
• Processing speed and cognitive function
• Motivation and mental stamina
• Attention, focus & concentration
• Mood brightening

Sign up online at www.naturesfare.com

Apr 28th 2:15pm • No Comments

We <3 walking! :)

Will Walking 10,000 Steps a Day Make You Fit?


Taking 10,000 steps a day is a basic requirement for optimal health, but in order to get fit, you still need to exercise in addition to your daily walks.

Apr 27th 4:59pm • No Comments

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