Keto Enzyme

  • Relieves abdominal bloating, gas and fullness
  • Supports healthy digestion of fats
  • 2 sources of the enzyme lipase
  • Purified ox bile powder




Keto Enzyme, a Fat Digestive Enzyme

Keto Enzyme contains natural fat-digesting enzymes and purified ox bile powder, specially designed to help fat digestion and provide bile salts for bloating, gas and digestive stress. Bile salts naturally act as an emulsifier for all types of fat. Emulsified fats are then more easily broken down by lipase enzymes, and properly absorbed. Bile salts and lipase enzymes facilitate the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and phytonutrients, as well as omega fatty acids.

Keto Enzyme’s benefits:

• Particularly beneficial for those with digestive problems typical of aging
• Can relieve the feeling of fullness and bloating following a fatty meal
• Helps those with low lipase production from pancreas
• Boosts fat-soluble nutrient absorption
• Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels
• Supports healthy liver and gallbladder function
• Helps increased endocrine (sex & stress) hormone levels
• Increases the absorption of the much-needed fats for brain & eye health

A ketogenic diet can create a variety of positive health changes:

• Weight loss
• More energy
• Better blood sugar control
• Anti-inflammatory effects
• Protection against degenerative diseases
• Better mental health
• Increased athletic performance
• And much, much more….

A ketogenic diet may create a variety of positive health changes but as the body adapts to this alteration in cellular metabolism, you may not feel great. You can offset this period of keto flu and ensure optimal health by supplementing with the Keto key supplements from Prairie Naturals.