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Prairie Naturals

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2 Essential Microalgae to Start Juicing to Strengthen Heart Health and Increase Energy


Description Spirulina and chlorella are among the most popular freshwater microalgae because they are extremely rich in chlorophyll, which is the…

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Give yourself a boost! Super Green Food! Proven Fat-fighter. #organicspirulina

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5 Reasons Spirulina Is The Next Big Superfood


Superfood: A naturally existing bundle of powerful, densely packed nutrients that enhance health and protect from disease. Generally derived from plant life. The original vitamin supplement. See

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Prairie Naturals shared a link.

Spirulina & Chlorella | alive


Chlorophyll–the green pigment vital for photosynthesis that is found in all plants–is one of the best reasons to eat green veggies. While plants are a good source of chlorophyll, none …

May 20th 9:23am • 1 Comment

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