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Prairie Naturals

Prairie Naturals shared a link.

ZipFuel™ Creatine Energy Drink | Prairie Naturals


• Quickly & safely boosts ATP – our body’s energy molecule! • Buffered & pH balanced energy drink for all ages • Increases “anaerobic potential” of power sprints • Strengthens muscle and improves muscle tone • Effective for people of all ages & fitness levels • Made with three high-quality Creatine…

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A must have in XENA Crossfit's gym bag! #zipfuel #prairienaturals

XENA Crossfit

Mais quoi voilà!
Me disant de ne pas l'oublier afin d'avoir une performance optimale!!
#zipfuel #Prairie Naturals #extremeperformance #morningtraining #crossfit

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Prairie Naturals shared Chemainus Health Food Store's photo.

Chemainus Health Food Store

Look at the cute Sandpiper girls that popped in! :)

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Prairie Naturals shared a link.

BCAA Fuel pH Balanced Powder | Prairie Naturals


• Utilizes the Power of pH to optimize muscle growth & energy production • Natural exercise performance enhancer for all ages & fitness levels • 3 essential branched chain aminos – leucine, isoleucine & valine • Made with 100% pure high-grade branched chain amino acids • Reduces fatigue during weigh…

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