Vinpocetine Plus

  • Mother Nature’s “Smart Pill”
  • Antioxidant-rich brain nutrients
  • Protects central nervous system
  • Improves blood flow
  • Boosts brain power
  • Improves memory


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Vinpocetine Plus, Mother Nature’s Smart Pill!

Vinpocetine Plus is a synergistic formulation of powerful anti-aging and brain-boosting plant extracts – vinpocetine and blueberry. These antioxidant-rich phytonutrients are among the world’s most thoroughly researched medicinal plants for improving memory, boosting brain power, improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, reversing aging and protecting the central nervous system. Especially beneficial for students and other people concerned with memory.

It was originally discovered/created in Hungary in 1975. We say created because it is a semisynthetic extract of the plant vinca minor (aka periwinkle). It appears to open sodium gated channels in the brain and cardiovascular system, which relaxes smooth muscles and increases blood flow.

What about Blueberry Extract?

With over 450 varieties of blueberries worldwide, every culture values the healing and nutritive power of these little blue antioxidant gems. A recent study strongly suggests that the antioxidants in blueberries clear out the accumulated toxic proteins in the brain that accelerate brain aging. The study also showed that blueberry intake prevents skin and nerve aging while protecting against the multiple effects of radiation exposure.

Vinpocetine research also suggests a positive health effect for:

• Hearing issues such as vertigo and tinnitus
• Vision health
• Cardiovascular health
• Removal of toxic metals in the body

Who needs Vinpocetine Plus?

• Elderly
• Alzheimers patients
• People who have had a stroke
• People with memory deficits
• People at risk for stroke
• People at risk for Alzheimers

Improve Memory • Reverse Aging • Boost Brain Power