Stress-Force for Men

  • Prairie Natural’s Stress-Force for Men is a glandular-based product designed to alleviate adrenal fatigue and support overall adrenal function
  • Stress-Force for Men is fortified with:
    • Rhodiola Extract (standardized extract 3% rosavins, 1% salidroside)
    • L-Tyrosine
    • Magnesium & Zinc Ascorbate
    • An Activated Vitamin B Complex including benfotiamine, P5P B6, MTHF-5 & Methylcobalamin

Stress-Force for Men is an ideal formula for men who:

  • Experience chronic stress or mental fatigue
  • Need temporarily relief from symptoms of stress
  • Have been diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue
  • Have trouble sleeping or have low daytime energy due to stress or worry


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Stress-Force for Men supports healthy adrenal function to provide relief from symptoms of mental and physical stress.

Did you know stress prevents men from producing optimal amounts of testosterone? Men show the signs of stress in many ways including low energy, mild to severe depression, weight gain especially around the mid-section, depressed immune response, or muscle loss. These symptoms are all related to hormonal imbalance. Stress causes an increase in cortisol which reduces testosterone production and in fact effects the entire endocrine (hormone) system.

Stress-Force for Men targets the adrenal gland and supports hormonal balance by helping to control cortisol levels. Formulated with bovine adrenal gland cortex; an extract of adrenal glands from animals that provide all the functional enzymes within the gland. These glandular ingredients may be the most important factor in supporting your body’s ability to respond to stress by restoring the organ itself.

Fortified with Rhodiola extract and L- Tyrosine
Rhodiola rosea has been used for years in herbal medicine to address stress. The best part about this herb is it is active at reducing fatigue in doses as low as 50mg. Tyrosine is used by the body to produce three very important compounds – dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine (aka noradrenaline and adrenaline). During times of stress a ready supply of tyrosine makes sure your body won’t be short on these important signals that regulate mood, energy, attention, memory and cognition.

Activated Vitamin B Complex
The conversion of tyrosine into these important compounds requires a lot of chemistry. Most of these reactions involve at least one B vitamin. Not all B vitamins creation are equal, some versions of a B vitamin are more metabolically active.


  • Helps support cognitive function and mental stamina
  • Improves energy and reduces feelings of fatigue and weakness
  • Supports recovery and healing
  • Supports healthy immune function