Resveratrol Rx

  • Super polyphenol power!
  • Combination of all-natural plant sources of resveratrol
  • Contains extracts of BioVin Advanced French Red Wine Extract,
  • Japanese Knotweed & green tea extract
  • Antioxidant & anti-aging polyphenols
  • Promotes cardiovascular health


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Resveratrol Rx: Anti-Aging Super Polyphenol!

Resveratrol may be a key component of the famous “French Paradox”. The fact that the French have lower heart disease rates than Americans even though they eat a diet higher in saturated fats and smoke more appears related to another fact about French people(*) – they drink a lot of red wine! That means they get a regular dose of Resveratrol and other heart-protective chemicals called polyphenols. Each Resveratrol Rx capsule contains 75 mg of this potent form of Resveratrol. Prairie Naturals Resveratrol Rx combines two all-natural plant sources of Resveratrol – BioVin Advanced French Red Wine Extract and Japanese knotweed extract with a third potent polyphenolic antioxidant and anti-aging phytochemical – green tea extract.

Acting together, this high potency, synergistic trans-resveratrol and polyphenol complex ensure the strongest foundation for healthy aging and cardiovascular health. It also appears to decrease inflammation & amyloid B plaque formation in Alzheimer’s(*) 

In humans, aging is well-established as a risk factor for many chronic and disabling conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. With increasing age, the likelihood of death from these causes rises dramatically, putting a tremendous burden on health care systems. For these reasons, it is a need that has the potential to delay or attenuate age-related chronic diseases and to promote increased healthspan.


  • Helps lower blood pressure(*)
  • Helps benefit blood fats(*)
  • Helps protect brain cells from damage(*)
  • Helps reduce the effects of skin aging(*)
  • Helps increase cerebral blood flow

Note: Resveratrol works better in combination with other polyphenol compounds such as those found in red wine, grape juice & grape seed extract.