• One-A-Day Omega 3.
  • MaxSimil® – Patented Omega-3 fish oil.
  • 100% pure fish oil from wild sardines and anchovies.
  • Delivers absorption ready pre-digested monoglyceride-rich omega-3 fatty acids.
  • No dilution and no additional ingredients or excipients.
  • Smaller softgel; easier to swallow.
  • Clinically tested.





MaxOmega-3-Force: 3X better absorption!

Do you know your Omega-3 index? More than 50% of North Americans are taking Omega 3 supplements but do not know if they are actually absorbing their supplement. 20% of the population are exposed to digestive health issues due to age, health or medication that impede nutrient absorption. Prairie Naturals MaxOmega-3-Force uses the MaxSimil® enzymatic process that pre-digests Omega3 and delivers a readily absorbable and self-emulsified, monoglyceride-rich oil. MaxSimil® Omega-3 monoglycerides can be directly absorbed into the small intestine with no digestion required. MaxSimil® is clinically shown to increase the absorption of EPA and DHA by 3 times(*). Clinical data shows an improvement in the Omega-3 index with just one softgel per day of MaxSimil® patented Omega-3 fish oil.

Key features:

• MaxSimil uses a low temperature enzymatic process to naturally concentrate EPA & DHA
• Increased bioavailability and absorption means less is more!
• Smaller softgel is easy to swallow
• Total Omega-3s per softgel = 526 mg (320 mg EPA and 185 mg DHA)
• No additives or excipients – pure fish oil!
• Yeast-, Gluten-, Dairy-Free and non-GMO

Interesting facts:

• Patented Canadian Technology, Developed in Quebec
• Directly Absorbable & Self-emulsifying Omega-3 Fish Oil
• Essentially “Pre-digested”
• Pre-treated with lipase, a lipid degrading enzyme
• Optimized, proprietary ratio of mono-, di-, and triglycerides (with some ethyl esters)
• Leads to increased absorption in healthy individuals
• Allows absorption even in people with digestive issues

Who needs Omega 3 Force?

• Individuals who don’t consume fish
• Anyone with gallbladder, liver or pancreatic issues
• Anyone who supplements with fish oil and desires maximum absorption
• Approx 20% of the population experiences digestive health issues and may not be absorbing the omega 3s they are taking
• Ideal for individuals with compromised digestive health due to:
– Age
– Health conditions
– Medications (acid blockers etc..)
– Stress