• Promotes beautifully healthy hair, skin and nails!
  • Supports the skeletal system
  • Provides superior source of organic silica
  • Aqueous extract of Spring Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)
  • Specially processed for best assimilation
  • Rich source of trace minerals
  • Strengthens bones


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Have Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails with Ultra-Silica!

Prairie Naturals Ultra-Silica is a natural source of silica that nourishes hair, skin and nails while supporting the skeletal system. Provides a superior source of organic silica from the aqueous extract of Spring Horsetail (Equisetum arvense). The silica has been water (aqueous) extracted for 100% absorbability as well as to retain all the naturally occurring nutrients that help the body use silica. Facilitates the absorption of calcium within the body, nourishes hair, skin, nails and the entire connective tissue system including cartilage and ligaments. Specially processed to provide a readily assimilated and abundant source of trace minerals, strengthens and beautifies hair, skin, nails and, most importantly, bones!

It is an essential nutrient was not established until 1972, but is now known to play a part in the integrity of the skin, ligaments, tendons and bone. As we age, less silica is assimilated; therefore daily supplementation with Ultra-Silica will help maintain this necessary equilibrium and to minimize the effects of premature ageing.

Health benefits:

• stimulates the immune system
• enhances Calcium absorption, making it a vital component in Osteoporosis prevention & treatment
• hardens tooth enamel and nourishes gums
• strengthens and enhances the health of hair, skin and nails
• reduces joint inflammation associated with Arthritis
• supports the production of collagen

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