Organic Whey Protein

  • Made with fresh, certified organic milk
  • Low fat, low carbohydrate & low lactose
  • Free of antibiotics, hormones & GMOs
  • No sugar, artificial flavours, colours
  • Micro ultra-filtered & concentrated
  • Protein improves immune function
  • Builds muscle and bone
  • Promotes skin health
  • Tested gluten-free
  • Low heat process
  • Certified Organic




Every body needs protein every day, satisfies your need with our certified Organic Whey Protein!

Organically. Deliciously. Conveniently. Naturally derived from North American organic fresh milk, Prairie Naturals Organic Whey Protein is free of antibiotics, synthetic hormones and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). With no added sugar, artificial flavours or colours, Prairie Naturals Organic Whey Protein is a delicious low fat, low carbohydrate and low lactose source of organic protein. Provides a rich source of protein microfractions including lactoferrin (powerful antioxidant effects), glycomacropeptides (reduces appetite, aids in digestion and absorption of protein, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial), immunoglobulins, beta and alpha-lactalbumins, serum albuminand lactoperoxidase (promotes gastrointestinal health and immunity).

Better absorption micro ultra-filtered (for better absorption) and concentrated, without the use of high heat or acid treatments which can denature and damage protein molecules, our Organic WheyProtein has absolutely no sugar, artificial flavours or colours. Neither does it contain the high levels of fat or cholesterol found in many other protein sources such as eggs, cheese and meat. Prairie Naturals Organic WheyProtein is virtually fat-free and very low in carbohydrates and lactose. Many lactose sensitive people tolerate whey proteins well.

From the very young to the very old and all ages in between, protein is a foundation macronutrient that can benefit the health and wellbeing of every family member by: resisting infections and enhancing immunity; producing hormones and keeping our skin youthful; building muscle and bone; promoting healing and repair of connective tissue. Contains NO soy, eggs, flavours, colours, preservatives, sweeteners, GMO ingredients, fillers. Tested gluten-free!

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