• Power pH
• Alkaline Formula
• Contains Electrolytes
• 100% Natural
• 100% Vegan
• 100% Non GMO
• 100% Gluten Free
• Sweetened with Stevia


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What is Fitfuel? Fitfuel is a muscle-stimulating energy stack in a buffered mineral base that delivers the physical power and mental focus you need to optimize your workouts.

What does Fitfuel do? This tasty pre-workout drink mix induces your mind and body to work in sync to stimulate fat-burning and promote muscle growth. You will work harder and smarter with greater focus and stamina. Your body will be transformed through the natural enhanced Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) stimulated by Fitfuel. This alkaline-based formulation yields noticeably rapid results without the detrimental acidity often associated with pre-workout drinks. In fact, Fitfuel is pH-balanced and helps to create the internal environment your body needs to build and preserve muscle mass.

What are the ingredients in Fitfuel & what do they do to promote greater fitness levels? Every ingredient in our synergistically formulated Fitfuel provides multiple ergogenic (energy-promoting) and anabolic (muscle-building) benefits shown to enhance physical performance, stamina and recovery in sports performance and workouts.

Available in 2 delicious, natural flavours: Citrus Mango & Wildberry Burst.

  • All Prairie Naturals SPORT products are made using the highest quality ingredients in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility that meets all Health Canada standards.
  • At Prairie Naturals SPORT, we research and develop a wide range of products designed to help people live the healthy life and achieve their greatest physical strength.
  • Our commitment to you: the highest quality, clean and natural performance supplements, made only with the finest ingredients. 
  • Prairie Naturals SPORT is built with nutritional factors that nourish, strengthen, energize, alkalize and repair your body. 
  • Prairie Naturals SPORT products are manufactured in a Canadian site licensed facility in Coquitlam BC. 
  • Formulated by a team of seasoned athletes and health professionals.
  • Prairie Naturals SPORT products provide cutting edge formulas that promote strength, enhance power and improve performance.

Fit Fuel