Black Elderberry Fruit

  • Concentrated 15:1 Extract
  • 500mg capsule equivalent to 7500mg dried berry powder
  • 1 capsule equals – 4 tsp fresh elderberry juice
  • Easy-to-take, daily dose 1 – 2 capsules
  • Rich in anthocyanin & other antioxidants (quercetin, rutin)
  • Responsible for the black-purple colour of the berries
  • Grown in Austria, EU and processed by water extraction
  • Gluten-free, GMO-free, Vegan


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European Black Elderberry Extract: Relief from symptoms of Colds & Flus

Black Elderberry has been traditionally used to promote sweating to help relieve fever in symptoms of colds and us, including sore throat, coughing and excess mucus build up in the upper respiratory tract. Black elderberry fruit may help promote sweating, relieve fever, reduce coughing, reduce excessive mucus & relieve sore throat.

In folk medicine, elderberries are used to treat influenza, infections, headaches, heart pain, and nerve pain (1). Elderberries grow on a plant called elder bushes, which are commonly found in Europe, Western Asia, North America, and North Africa; elder bushes are widely growing in woodlands and hedgerows.

Elderberry Extract as an Immune Booster:

  • Elderberries contain a wide variety of anthocyanins, flavonoids and other polyphenols
  • The major flavonoids  are quercetin and rutin​​
  • Elderberry’s water-soluble antioxidant capacity is among the highest measured in fresh fruits
  • Also contains vitamins A & C

What does Elderberry Extract do?

  • Antiviral effect: neutralizes and reduces the infectivity of influenza viruses, HIV, Herpes & more
  • Immune modulation via cytokine production – simulates those with underactive immunity

Additional tips to combat the cold & flu:

  • Exercise, sleep, and diet play a vital role in building immunity.
  • Focus on alkaline-forming foods & pH balance.(*)
  • Eat a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats and other nutrients.
  • Avoid sugars, alcohol, gluten, smoke and toxins.
  • Have a good stress management plan.
  • Have a good nutrition & supplement program.

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