A Personal Message from Robert Pierce, Prairie Naturals President

Health. Family. Friends. These are, in my opinion, the three most important treasures in life. Because no matter where you come from, no matter how much money you have or don’t have – as long as you are healthy, have a loving family and close friends, life is good.

At Prairie Naturals, “Live the Healthy Life” is our company motto. But to us, these four simple words are far more than a slogan. First and foremost, they are a constant reminder of our commitment to you, our customers, of our mission to design and provide the finest natural health care products we possibly can.

“Live the Healthy Life” is also an empowering reminder to us all that our choices matter. We have the power to decide to live in a way that embraces our health and wellness. It also reminds us that living a truly healthy life includes living a more earth-friendly, ecologically sound life. And it makes us mindful of our responsibility to support and enhance the well-being of others; not only our immediate friends and family, but people all around the world.

When I started Prairie Naturals almost 20 years ago, I envisioned building a family owned business dedicated to improving the health of others through natural health products and science-based educational tools. I am happy to say that we are still on track with that vision with the launch of our new website and the introduction of more organic, whole food-based nutritional products.

Please visit our website to learn more about our ever-growing family of natural health products.

We’d love to hear your health story. Tell us what you’re doing to improve your health and help others to improve theirs. We will share your inspirational stories with our online community so that they, too, can learn to Live the Healthy Life.

Robert Pierce